Corporate Qualities

Quality of Our Services

The quality of our services pinpoints the way our work is performed inasmuch as the results themselves. It is evidenced by our active listening and our attention to the continuous communication process with our client from well before the inception of our mandate until its completion.

The quality of our services transpires from our efficiency that helps our client to obtain an excellent price-quality ratio, a reduction of the risk level and more precision tuned database at a reasonable cost.

By pursuing fast moving and constant progression of its mandates, InnovExplo improves the investment yield of its client.

Our integrity

The personnel of InnovExplo is pledged to honor a code of ethics requiring, among other things, freedom from any influence from any kind of relationship or commitment with clients in exploration or mining operations.

We give nuanced opinions, solidly backed. They are straightforward, in conformity with the standards of the industry.

Our Good Way of Working

These significant attributes contribute to the competitiveness of InnovExplo and are praised by our clientele. We train our personnel to:

  • Choose carefully the appropriate and sound methodology;
  • Fully document our files with referenced data in order to facilitate their further use;
  • Gather information rapidly and to codify it in a manner that is compatible with usual computerized applications;
  • Keep confidential the nature, the existence and the scope of the mandate;
  • Focus on problem-solving attitude being a constructive approach relying on the input from other in-house experts.

Our Innovations Create Value Added

Having the general objective to reduce the level of risk and to increase the degree of precision, InnovExplo is continuously on the lookout for new technologies, for new tools and for new ways of carry out the work and seeks to adopt them.

In this regard, InnovExplo, is performing research through extensive analysis of its cumulated knowledge bank on mineral resources.

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