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Responsible Behavior

InnovExplo subscribes to the concept of sustainable development and to its objective that is to fulfill current needs without compromising the future of the following generations.

The reconciliation of the environmental, the health and safety and the social and cultural issues with the economic drivers is a primary and unavoidable concern that dictates the day to day behavior of InnovExplo, at the office and in the field.

Our personnel is constantly induced to adhere to this value in the framework of an existing permanent continuous improvement program.

In view of carrying out exploration responsibly by monitoring the risk bearing activities related thereto, the management of InnovExplo has implemented the e3PLUS system from the PDAC.

By doing so, InnovExplo ensures that the following issues of its operations are taken care of:

  • Management of the environment;
  • Health and safety at work;
  • Social responsibility.

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