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Geneviève Auger


Geneviève Auger, a member of the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec, is something of a Renaissance woman. Her talents are many: as a senior engineer with us since November 2016, she is able to implement new technologies in mining companies, estimate project costs and create mine simulations. In fact, she’s the only person in Québec who can do all of this!

Numbers and images

We are more than lucky—and proud!—to have her on our team. Her specialized expertise and versatility are key to ensuring our clients’ projects are not just feasible, but profitable. At InnovExplo, she primarily evaluates infrastructure costs and the costs of entire projects.

Recently, however, she has moved back towards 3D mining simulation, an area in which she excels after many years of practice. In general, simulation consists of virtually reproducing an existing mine in images, applying different parameters or equipping it with a new production system, for example, and then analyzing the feasibility, impact and cost-effectiveness of the modifications. It may sound simple, but there’s more to it than it seems!

A remarkable background

Geneviève must be incredibly thorough, patient, resourceful and dedicated in her work. She needs to draw on her extensive knowledge, understand programming, be able to introduce innovations, implement her operational research and consider every last detail of a project!

“I work alone and I don’t have colleagues to give me advice or feedback, so I need to trust myself. I can’t be afraid to jump in. At the start of a project, I don’t always know how I’ll succeed, but I find a way. Resourcefulness is crucial!” she confides.

Her 19 years of diverse experience serve her well. What’s more, her taste for innovation, change and discovery is an undeniable asset for InnovExplo and its clients.

At the beginning of a project, clients may not understand the usefulness of 3D simulation, but they ultimately understand it because it answers their questions so well. More than anything, Geneviève loves that they are satisfied with the final product: “I like to see the concrete results of my work. I like to be able to say that it’s mission accomplished and see that the clients are happy.”

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