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Drilling and Exploration Work

We can plan, realize and supervise exploration works and drilling programs for our clients. For field works campaign, the InnovExplo team is applying the e3PLUS system from the PDAC in all projects undertaken.

Generally speaking, our involvement in this field of activities consists in programming the exploration activities as to the planification, logistics, access and permitting, timeline, nature and the scope of work and complete follow-up and results interpretation.

The scope of our mandates may be very broad or restricted to particular issues. Here is a sampler of some of our typical involvements:

  • Exploration programs - Planning, budget estimate, supervision and execution;
  • Mapping, prospecting, sampling and stripping;
  • Geophysical prospection - Scintillometers and Beep Mat;
  • Surface drilling program - Planning, execution and follow-up;
  • Underground drilling program - Planning, execution and follow-up;
  • Drill holes database management - GeoticLog, GeoticGraph, GEOVIA GEMSTM;
  • Oriented core program - Follow-up and interpretation;
  • Geophysical properties - Magnetism, electro-magnetism, and electric;
  • Soil and till geochemistry - Survey and result interpretation;
  • Whole-rock geochemistry - Survey and result interpretation;
  • Assessment work reports.

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