InnovExplo was founded in 2003 by Alain Carrier and Carl Pelletier, who went to university together and worked as colleagues. After honing their skills and experience by working for major mining companies, they decided to found their own consulting firm, InnovExplo. In January 2015, the company welcomed Denis Gourde as its new owner-partner and Vice-President, Engineering and Sustainable Development. At the time, he had over 25 years of experience in the field. This addition to the team has allowed InnovExplo to better focus on its short- and long-term expansion and customer service goals.

InnovExplo’s services have evolved since it was founded. While we initially focused on exploration, mining geology, and mineral resources, we now offer mining engineering, economic studies, and mining optimization as well.

What defines us

Our daily mission

InnovExplo conducts innovative, rigorous, and efficient studies leading to the development of mining projects in Canada and abroad. Its solid expertise in geology and mining engineering comes from its multidisciplinary team’s field experience and mastery of cutting-edge software.

Our promising vision

InnovExplo is a Canadian company with an international reputation and is the reference for expert advice, informed opinions, and efficient solutions in every phase of a mining project. Its large-scale mandates around the world attest to the strong, close relationships of trust that the company maintains with its clients in order to offer comprehensive solutions from design to implementation. Its experienced team and network, which have been growing steadily since 2003, include several dozen experts who combine a wealth of field experience with the use of innovative technologies.

Our ethical values

We strive to constantly embody our core values: perform quality studies, present results with integrity, and show professionalism in our interactions with clients and in the production of our deliverables. These values go hand in hand with our ethical standards of honesty, objectivity, and efficiency.

Environmental responsibility and sustainable development are also priorities for us. We hold a UL ECOLOGO® certification (a certification for responsible development in mineral exploration) and are committed to minimizing the environmental footprint of mining projects.

Corporate qualities

The quality of our service speaks to the way we work, our continuous communication, and our efficiency, which allow us to offer our clients outstanding value by reducing risks and increasing the accuracy of your knowledge. By focusing on fast and consistent progress, we maximize clients’ returns on investment.

Our integrity and our Code of Ethics demand that we avoid influence by client organizations and companies involved in mineral exploration or development activities. Additionally, we must express nuanced, substantiated, and straightforward opinions respecting industry standards while maintaining the utmost confidentiality on the existence, nature, and scope of our mandates.

Our work methods are highly competitive and truly appreciated by our clients. We adapt to the situation and offer comprehensive, fact-based documentation that can be easily used for future reference. What’s more, our in-house experts have come up with many constructive approaches to simplify problem solving.

Innovation, our added value, means that we are always on the lookout for new tools, methods, and technologies to help reduce risks, increase accuracy, and optimize projects. We also conduct our own advanced research and analyses of mineral resources and reserves based on our wealth of knowledge.


InnovExplo relies first and foremost on a team of in-house professionals. We pride ourselves on our versatility, which means encouraging a diverse set of skills, adopting a consistent and efficient approach, and having a range of professionals work together on each mandate. We maintain our high standards for excellence by exchanging wide-ranging yet complementary points of view that support and contribute to our evaluations, conclusions, and recommendations. We also refer to external experts as needed.


InnovExplo believes in sustainable development and its purpose, which is to meet today’s needs while ensuring that the future of generations to come isn’t compromised in the process. Taking environmental, health and safety, and social and community considerations into account along with economics is of the utmost importance to us. As a UL ECOLOGO® certified company, we apply and live by this commitment on a daily basis, both in the office and in the field.

Social involvement


Carl Pelletier took part in a Movember challenge.

2,000 km of physical activity challenge for EN ACTION POUR MA FONDATION

Alain Carrier set himself a “healthy mind in a healthy body” challenge to raise money for the Fondation du Centre hospitalier de Val-d’Or

Multisport challenge for EN ACTION POUR MA FONDATION

Christine Beausoleil will ride 2,021 km in 2021 to raise money for the Fondation du Centre hospitalier de Val d’Or.

1,500 km cycling challenge for EN ACTION POUR MA FONDATION

Denis Gourde set himself this challenge to raise money for the Fondation du Centre hospitalier de Val-d’Or.

Fondation du Centre hospitalier de Val-d’Or – appointment

Denis Gourde is Chairman of the Board of the Fondation du Centre hospitalier de Val d’Or.

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