Geology, exploration, and mineral resources

Compilation et exploration

Geomatics for exploration and mining

We produce geoscientific compilations, 3D geological models (combining lithological and structural information, alteration, mineralization, geochemistry, and geophysics), and 3D prospecting models (knowledge-driven or AI) to evaluate the mineral potential of a region, sub-region, or area and identify new exploration targets. Our mandates can be very broad or limited to only certain aspects of geomatics.

Our services include:

  • Verification of data integrity and validity and presentation in a GIS format
  • Data synthesis, analysis and interpretation, and exploration targeting
  • Transfer of historical information (old mining camps) from paper to 3D digital media
  • 3D litho-structural interpretation for exploration or other activities such as engineering, rock mechanics, and hydrogeology
  • Creation of integrated 3D exploration models and prospecting models
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Creation of promotional figures, maps, sections, 3D PDFs, and 3D animations

Mining geology

We support the advanced stages of mining projects by making 3D models of deposits to provide interpretations that can guide future work, whether it be for drilling, sampling, estimating mineral resources and reserves, or determining and controlling grades during mining.

  • 3D modelling (in support of exploration, resources and reserves, or engineering and rock mechanics)
  • Block, resource, and reserve modelling
  • Definition drilling programs (planning, execution, and supervision)
  • Bulk sampling program management
  • Grade control
  • Grade reconciliation
  • Geometallurgy (approach integrating geology, engineering, and metallurgy)

What sets InnovExplo apart

While acquiring historical data, we validate, synthesize, and integrate the data into a single platform to provide performance-enhancing information to our clients.


We keep abreast of the latest technologies, tools, and work methods and use them to ensure your projects are accurate and efficient.

As we draw on our extensive knowledge at every stage of our advanced mineral resource research and analyses, we make sure our results are fact-based and used to promote sound decision-making and minimize risks.


Achievements for this service

Imiter silver mine – Morocco

Geoscientific compilation, data entry and digitalization, 3D litho-structural modeling, 3D prospectivity model, silver distribution model and target generation

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