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Our network of experts and specialists from a variety of fields can support every part of your project or mining operation, including environmental permitting status; metallurgy; hydrogeology; mechanical, electrical, and infrastructure engineering; and mining taxation. By working with our partners, we can help improve the social acceptability of your mining and exploration projects. We can also help ensure that your project complies with the strictest environmental standards; for example, we can assess your company’s impact on climate change by measuring the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions produced by your activities. This analysis helps meet the requirements of the Towards Sustainable Mining (TSM) program and the UL ECOLOGO® certification (on responsible development) for mineral exploration.

What sets InnovExplo apart

InnovExplo brings together multidisciplinary teams from its vast network of experts and specialists to help your company comply with environmental standards and support you in implementing the TSM initiative, which was developed by the Mining Association of Canada in 2004. The Québec Mining Association (QMA) and its members have been adhering to this initiative since June 2014.


As a UL ECOLOGO®-certified company, InnovExplo is well positioned to help you conduct gap analyses, implement measures, and quantify your GHG emissions from energy and raw material consumption so that your company can also obtain the UL ECOLOGO® certification.

With our sustainable development services, we provide support to help your company comply with current environmental standards while advising on community relations, both of which will add to the social acceptability of your projects.


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