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About Us


Alain Carrier and Carl Pelletier established InnovExplo in 2003 once they had developed their competencies and acquired sound judgment by working for major mining companies. They had previously been classmates at university, then colleagues at work.

Throughout the years, the services rendered by InnovExplo evolved to match the new needs of the mining industry and adapted themselves to take advantage from the technological developments. Initially, focused mainly on exploration, on mining geology and on mineral resources, InnovExplo’s range of services have expanded to include mining engineering, environment and sustainable development.

InnovExplo is acting as independent expert and is providing supporting services extending from exploration to mining operations.

Alain Carrier and Carl Pelletier


Our mission is to contribute in an innovating, objective and efficient manner to the evolution of mining projects by offering a complete and integrated range of dependable and top quality services at each phase of exploration and mining operations.


The logo of InnovExplo evokes the field experience of the personnel, namely the boots, the helmet and the light associated with mining activities. The suit and tie outfit suggests our role as consultant and our creation of value for the benefit of our clients and for the mining industry.

It is of primary importance to us to back our accomplishments with competencies and good judgment obtained from a strong education and field expertise.

Our ethical concerns are omnipresent. They bear mainly on honesty, independence and efficiency.

Innovexplo, the new mining reality

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